Explore > Expect: 10 positive steps to help you get a job in Web3
Explore > Expect: 10 positive steps to help you get a job in Web3


Jan 20, 2023

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Explore > Expect: 10 positive steps to help you get a job in Web3

The fast-evolving Web3 sector prompts a reconsideration of our job-seeking strategies and networking techniques. Securing a position in the Web3 space demands a readiness to venture without harboring any particular expectations. This article presents 10 measures you can implement to attain a position in the Web3 industry.

Step 1. Amplify your digital footprint

Establish your online credibility on Twitter. Engage with prominent profiles. Broadcast your opinions about the blockchain realm to your followers. Although this method may not suit everyone, it significantly bolsters your self-assuredness, keeps you updated and even aids in discovering new roles. Merely scrolling through Twitter can yield a wealth of useful advice about securing a Web3 job.

Twitter Spaces should not be overlooked. Engage during AMA sessions — then connect with teams offering your insights. Stand out & establish relationships.

As for Telegram-focused communities, they're valued for their authenticity. Some of the most robust communities originated in a Telegram chat. Make certain your Telegram feed is configured to keep you informed about market tendencies, job openings, and events that pique your interest! If you've always been drawn to DAOs, now's the time to delve deeper!

Consistent participation on Discord can help you find common ground with like-minded communities, bounties, hackathons, events, and themed DAOs. Discord is also excellent for promoting yourself for freelance jobs and opportunities! Discover new Discord servers, make some noise, and form connections!

Step 2. Refine your knowledge and skills.

Countless resources can help you acquire new abilities and find ways to put them into action. Regardless of whether you're seeking tech, business, or creative roles, understanding key blockchain principles, smart contracts, and other relevant technologies is crucial. Medium is an excellent starting point for marketing or communications roles. Browse articles and consider starting a blog. It can even document your journey to landing a Web3 job! Sharing helpful insights is an excellent way to attract attention and build your portfolio. If you're a developer, learn how to construct Web3 from the ground up and engage on Buildspace. Be sure to maintain a record of your open-source contributions on Github, so employers can see your activities!

Step 3. Broaden your network.

Our recent survey revealed that the Web3 sector is admired for offering the chance to work alongside intelligent people sharing similar values. Now's the time to find them. As soon as you're active on social media, be sure to turn to communities for valuable connections and insights.

Over half of all Web3 hires occur via a referral. Now might be the time to send a few direct messages, make some new friends, or leverage your existing network to see who's in the mix. You might even consider attending networking events or community calls and raising the topic of Web3 recruitment. Leaders are simply those who drive conversations and seize opportunities. Pave your way in.

Step 4. Contribute

Whether on Github, Linkedin or Medium, there are endless opportunities to create valuable content & contribute to Web3 communities. This is a surefire way to gain recognition & record your victories, one day at a time.

Your contribution history is your most compelling portfolio. An on-chain profile, voting, participating in contribution-focused campaigns, and holding NFTs are a few ways to demonstrate your competencies. If you're a creator, you might want to launch an NFT collection or contribute to a community of your choosing — and be sure your potential employer is aware of it!

Step 5. Investigate Web3 companies purposefully

We recently conducted a Web3 Contributor Survey & learned that most applicants are disappointed by the quality of Web3 projects, mainly due to a lack of culture and poor hiring practices. Take your time to explore purposefully– across social media, communities, company websites & job boards.

We designed our job board to facilitate the research of web3 vacancies from 160+ organizations. It features smart tags by industry niches and provides detailed information about the companies. By applying the right filters, you can gain a comprehensive view of the industry — focusing on a particular niche.

Step 6. Attend Events.

Participating in events is a surefire way to feel integrated and connected to the sector. You have a unique opportunity to participate in Web3 events in person or remotely — but they can be costly if you don't secure tickets ahead of time. It's best to track Web3 events on a calendar to never miss a valuable networking opportunity. Be sure to exchange contacts & follow up post-event. A good method for sharing your contacts during live events would be to create a QR code with a link to your on-chain profile.

Step 7. Make your CV Web3-native.

Employers are finding it challenging to discern your personality, experience & work ethic from CV templates that aren't Web3 native. Employers receive far too many generic cover letters, sometimes with the wrong company name in the title!

We've assembled a Web3-native CV template to help you structure your Web3 experience in a manner that is concise, clear & comprehensive. Remember, many large companies use ATS, so ensure that your CV includes job description keywords and is in the correct format.

Step 8. If you’re asked for a cover letter, don’t rush it.

To understand what to include in the Cover Letter, you'll need to put yourself in the employer's shoes.

Consider including a concise and relevant bio about yourself. Ensure to include concrete examples & figures when discussing your experience and how it can contribute to your success in the new role. If you're unsure what to write, use AI for structure. While it's crucial not to make your cover letter too lengthy, it's also important not to make it seem rushed.

The best advice for a cover letter is to be "persuasive on paper". If you understand why you're applying and feel enthusiastic about the role, it should be simple to convey it in a convincing manner.

Step 9. Prepare for an interview

One of the most frequently asked questions during interviews is "How did you get into Web3?" Be ready to share your journey!

During an interview, you will likely be asked to demonstrate your tech skills, discuss your salary expectations, work ethic, and knowledge of the Web3 space. Prepare structured responses, but it's OK to admit if you don't know something.

And remember, don't badmouth your previous employers.

Step 10: Adopt an exploratory mindset!

Securing a Web3 job is a challenge worth undertaking. Even when you believe you've learned enough, never cease to explore. Don't have any expectations for the journey. Come equipped with innovative ideas, ready to engage with the world and discover new horizons. With this mindset, you'll maximize the process — you never know where a typical job search might lead you!

That's it! We wish you a productive job search experience & good luck!

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