Oct 18, 2023

product updates

Product Updates: New Referral System, Improved UX, Business App


Two years into our journey, Intropia has played a pivotal role in connecting talent with opportunities. In the last six months after launching our product, our platform has supported countless companies and received high-quality applications from all around the globe. Despite the hurdles we've encountered, our commitment to providing exceptional value to our users and community has remained constant.

Landing Page Facelift:

A smooth user experience starts right at the entry point. Our landing pages have undergone a transformation, with cleaner, more straightforward copy that captures the essence of our value offering. Can you spot all the changes?

The Evolution of Intropia’s engine:

The biggest update to our platform is more than just a facelift; it's a reinvention of our revamped referral system.

Previously, our users could only refer to specific roles, which was an effective strategy mostly for professional recruiters. But with the new system in place, everyone, especially our media and community partners, can refer users to Intropia and build a long-term passive income.

Every time someone you referred gets hired through our Introduce&Earn program, you earn rewards. It's that simple!

How it looks inside the app

Getting Started:

To benefit from our Introduce&Earn program, create an account and click ‘create referral account’. This generates a unique link you can share far and wide with talented friends, followers, and community members.

Tracking Your Referrals

Wondering how your referrals are doing? Head to the ‘referral account’ tab and open the ‘candidates view’. This keeps you updated on who's registered, who has applied, and what roles they're eyeing.

Reward System

With our revamped program, there's more than one way to earn!

Direct job referrals guarantee you 100% of the public reward.

But what if you prefer a more passive approach? Sharing your high-level referral link might fetch you 50% of the reward, and it's fully on autopilot!

Hint: any direct introduction you make, even if the candidate had previously used another referral link to sign up, ensures you receive the full reward. And vice versa.

Imagine two cases:

  • Bob's Journey: You introduced Bob to a job through a referral link. While he didn't land that particular role, six months later, he was hired for a different position with a $10,000 reward. Thanks to our long-term referral system, this scores you a sweet $5,000.

  • Alice's Adventure: Now, let's consider Alice. She joined Intropia a year ago using someone else's referral link. But you've identified a perfect job for her with a $10,000 reward. Share this role directly with her, and if she gets hired, the entire reward is yours - a neat $10,000!

Enhanced UX for introducers

We’ve added some nice tips and useful links around the website, so you can feel supported and easily find any necessary answers.

For Our Business Partners:

Deep user interviews with our clients such as Cindicator, Chainstack, Li.Fi, Zerion,, and Massive have contributed a lot to this update. Based on their feedback, we’ve implemented some new features and fixed the UX:

Intuitive Job Management

Managing multiple job listings can be cumbersome, but not anymore. We've introduced an intuitive design where active jobs are prominently displayed at the top, sorted alphabetically for easy access. Archived or closed job positions are subtly placed below in a half-transparent format, ensuring they don't clutter your view.

Optimized Job Posting Page

We've heard your feedback, and the job posting page has been refined to offer a better experience. Unnecessary fields have been removed, and we've introduced clearer placeholders to ensure you can post a job listing quickly without any hassles.

Recruitment Reward System

UX of starting a new Introduce&Earn campaign has also been enhanced. Choose your currency, input the total reward, and our system will handle the calculations, providing a detailed breakdown.

Advanced Candidate Sorting

Time is valuable. We've introduced advanced sorting and filtering options to ensure you don’t waste time going through hundreds of applications. Whether looking for candidates in the 'interview process' or focusing only on 'new' applications, our system allows you to filter and view precisely what you need. This ensures that your attention is directed to applications that truly matter, streamlining the recruitment process.

What’s next?

Our goal is simple: to make Intropia the go-to platform for businesses and talent worldwide. As we unveil our new features, we're excited to see how they'll empower you to achieve more.

If you spot any bugs or have any ideas on how we can make our product even better, please email or DM us.

Join us on this exhilarating journey, and let's redefine recruitment together.

Warm regards, The Intropia Team

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities