Oct 2, 2023

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Intropia: How Recruiters Turn Their Network into Passive Income

Revolution in recruitment: Introduce & Earn

Did you know that 84% of recruiters swear by referrals as the best way to find great candidates? 

And that's why Intropia is a game-changer. We're all about helping companies hire quickly and helping our community make decent cash from their network.

In this article, we've got some real success stories from our gang that prove Intropia rocks not only for our beloved clients but also for introducers – recruiters, educators, and influencers. 

Coinspaid <> Customer Success Manager

Nazar, a recruiter from Ukraine, learned about intropia through his fellow colleagues already using intropia. In his first week, he sent us 6 candidates for a Customer Success Manager position at CoinsPaid. He found candidates via his LinkedIn network, and one of them was the perfect fit for CoinsPaid. 

CoinsPaid was sure whom they needed to fill this role, so they had a thorough 4-step interview process. Nazar collaborated closely with the intropia team, ensuring a smooth experience for the candidate.

In our chat with Nazar, he mentioned contacting about 40 candidates and posting the job on his LinkedIn page with a referral link to a vacancy.

Nazar got his bonus: 3000 USD after 1 month successful trial period of the candidate.

Coinspaid <> Senior Application Security Engineer 

Meet L., a senior recruiter from Poland who works full-time at a tech company and as a freelancer in his spare time. He decided to give Intropia a shot, and it paid off!

This marked one of our earliest vacancies with a referral reward on the Intropia platform, a Senior Application Security Engineer role at CoinsPaid.

Intropia received an impressive 46 candidates for the position, out of which CoinsPaid reviewed 11 qualified candidates and ultimately interviewed 6.

After just 4 weeks, with L.'s assistance, the vacancy was successfully filled. It seemed like an easy win for our fellow introducer, and he received a $4,000 referral reward within a month after the trial period.

“I like that you send candidates fast, and can get feedback pretty quick, the same was with the Coispaid.” , L. shares with intropia team.

Underpay <> Lead Backend Developer

Alina, a recruiter from Ukraine, works at a well-known Ukrainian outsourcing company. She used to find candidates in Ukraine but had never had the opportunity to work with foreign candidates.

Underpay is a startup that was looking for a Lead Backend Engineer with experience in Fintech products in England. The role was part-time, which made the search quite challenging. Alina posted the job with a referral link on a local job board and provided the Underpay team with two candidates for this role. The interview process was smooth and fast, consisting of only two calls with the Underpay founders. 

This experience made Alina more proficient and experienced in communicating with candidates outside Ukraine. The perfect candidate from Istanbul joined the Underpay team a few months ago. Alina received her $2000 and will receive an additional $1000 as soon as her candidate joins the company full-time.

Alina recalls her experience with Underpay:
“I was impressed by how quickly my candidate was hired. Usually, recruiting takes a long time, but in my case, I was really lucky that the company made a fast decision. I am now trying to close my second role with Intropia!”

Massive <> DevOps Engineer 

We recently received a highly challenging task - finding a DevOps professional for Massive, a new tech startup run by early employees of Yelp and Google. This wasn't just any role; the DevOps candidate needed extensive experience in internet-scale operations.

Intropia received over 100 applications, but, unfortunately, most couldn't adequately answer the screening questions. However, a recruiter from the Talando Agency identified a remarkably strong candidate who was genuinely enthusiastic about joining the Massive team.

The company wanted to conduct reference checks by speaking directly with the candidate's colleagues via a call. Can you imagine finding someone in an Eastern European country with fluent English who wasn't on vacation in August?  The Talando and Intropia teams worked tirelessly to make it happen, leading to a successful hire. 

The candidate is now thrilled with their new position, and our introducer is awaiting their generous reward for filling this role.

“That was not an easy search, as Massive was quite selective and knew exactly whom they needed. It was a challenging task for both me and the intropia team to organize a referral check call in the middle of summer, but we succeeded! I am genuinely pleased that they hired one of my candidates, and he is extremely satisfied with the company now!” , a recruiter from Talando agency shared his experience.

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Matching talent and opportunities