From Founder's Vision to Behemoth Validator: The Story of
From Founder's Vision to Behemoth Validator: The Story of


Aug 4, 2023

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From Founder's Vision to Behemoth Validator: The Story of

Who are, established in 2018, is a pioneering force in cryptocurrency infrastructure and staking. As a non-custodial staking service provider, enables individuals to stake their assets securely while retaining full ownership and control over their digital holdings. With an impressive portfolio of over $4 billion in assets under management (AUM), has emerged as a formidable player in the crypto landscape, setting the stage for a decentralized future. provides direct staking and liquid staking capabilities, backed by leading infrastructure and insurance protection through various channels such as's own treasury, institutional grade insurance and bespoke plans. is a true gateway to the entire staking ecosystem.

Founder Backstory:

Konstantin Lomashuk is the founder of and has been actively involved in the crypto space since 2012. He firmly believes in the potential of decentralized technologies and started investing in cryptocurrencies during their early stages, including participating in the Ethereum crowd sale. Konstantin adopts a value-oriented investment approach, emphasizing long-term holdings and patient waiting for returns, sometimes spanning several years. He finds interest in layer one solutions like Ethereum and layer two scaling solutions, along with the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, which he sees as having a solid product-market fit and ample investment opportunities.

Konstantin's philosophy centres around the decentralized future and the transformative power of blockchain technology. His success as a founder and investor has been shaped by a commitment to long-term investments, thorough research, and active participation in the crypto community.

In an interview on 19th May 2021 on the popular crypto podcast UpOnly, Konstantin emphasizes his philosophy. He expands on investing in projects with good teams, positive visions, and long-term potential. He values delivering value to the projects he supports and believes in a long-term, patient approach to investments, the HODL approach!

Regarding market cycles, he acknowledges that the market can get "saucy" during bull runs, leading to high valuations. While he might slow down his investments during such periods, he still focuses on investing in teams with solid fundamentals.

Konstantin believes that during a crypto winter, it's essential to have a strategy in place, such as rebalancing the portfolio, allocating a portion to liquid assets, and considering potential drawdowns. He also mentions that Ethereum's product-market fit in DeFi could potentially lead to reduced drawdowns and greater adoption in the future.

From Zero to Hero:

Over the years, the company achieved significant milestones, solidifying its reputation as a go-to platform for staking services.

In November 2018, launched its cross-chain staking infrastructure, supporting Tezos mainnet and testnets for Polkadot, Cosmos, and IRISnet. By February 2019, the company surpassed $1 billion in total assets staked. It went on to enable mainnet staking for Cosmos (ATOM) and IRISnet (IRIS) in March, followed by Terra (LUNA) in April.

The company continued its expansion in May 2019 by introducing a calculator tool to help clients calculate staking payoffs. In the subsequent months, enabled mainnet staking for Kusama (KSM) in October, Kava (KAVA) in November, and launched the ChainLink validator oracle in December. reached a notable milestone in January 2020 when it distributed its clients the first $1,000,000 in rewards. The company kept progressing, enabling mainnet staking for Oasis (ROSE) in February 2020 and achieving 1,000 active delegators in March.

In April 2020, launched Polkadot (DOT) staking for its clients, and in June of the same year, it secured a victory in Phase 3 of the Cosmos Game of Zones. Notably, in August 2020, P2P collaborated with to launch Cardano staking.

As the staking industry grew, reached another significant milestone in November 2020, exceeding $4 billion in total assets staked. In December 2020, the company joined the Lido DAO as validators for their liquid staking protocol and enabled mainnet staking for The Graph (GRT).

P2P maintained its momentum in 2021, enabling mainnet staking for Solana (SOL), Near (NEAR), Marlin (POND), Persistence (XPRT), and Mina (MINA). The company also added support for multiple parachains on Kusama in June.

In November 2021, enabled mainnet staking for Vega and Moonriver. In December 2021, it implemented Chainlink price feed on Solana, became a validator for the gravity bridge for Cosmos and Ethereum, and enabled mainnet staking for Elrond.

In January 2022, enabled mainnet staking for Agoric and launched Chainlink price feeds for Moonriver and Harmony. In March 2022, continued its expansion by enabling mainnet staking for Evmos.

In 2023 it's all about growth and the support of the Ethereum network; since the Shappella upgrade on 12th April 2023, has seen a significant increase in demand for institutional non-custodial staking. This has led to investment in raised a staggering $23 million in funding from some of the biggest names in the crypto industry. Jump Crypto, Bybit, and Sygnum have all united to back vision and support their mission to revolutionize the staking landscape.

These milestones, among others, can be found on the website, where interested readers can review an updated history of the company.

Current Team:

Behind's resounding success lies a team of dedicated professionals with unparalleled expertise in the crypto and blockchain space. From skilled engineers and data analysts to visionary leaders, the team at works cohesively to uphold the company's commitment to excellence and innovation.

The team currently has around 250 team members, a staggering 75% of which are developers and engineers. These passionate individuals are all working to support the growth and the infrastructure that powers the platform to provide staking services and node operators for over fifty blockchains. 

Culture:'s culture is built on a solid foundation of trust, transparency, and decentralization. The company's core values include a relentless dedication to security, putting users' interests first, and fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration. is committed to driving the adoption of decentralized blockchain networks globally, allowing individuals complete control over their cryptocurrency portfolios.

As we continue to participate in the development of Web 3.0, aims to build a world with more accessible financial instruments. The role of a team member is seen as highly autonomous and entrepreneurial, with the freedom to experiment and lead the team or projects based on their own experiences and expertise. While there are challenges, the team is dedicated to addressing them and establishing efficient processes to support their rapid growth. Overall, the company's success is attributed to its talented and passionate team, who are confident that more victories and achievements lie ahead. 

You can learn more about the company culture in a blog post, "An Inside Look at Working Culture"


Despite its achievements, has faced its fair share of challenges. The rapidly evolving nature of the crypto industry, scalability demands, and ensuring a secure infrastructure for clients have all been vital hurdles the company has successfully navigated.

Additionally, with one of the longest crypto winters the industry has faced, paired with several sizeable black swan events, confidence in the market and industry has seen an overall negative effect on the industry. With so many challenges, providing an open, transparent and secure environment to their clients, stakeholders, and the community is even more imperative. puts every effort into ensuring its platform has the most robust infrastructure within the industry. 

Next Steps:

As a forward-thinking organization, is continuously looking ahead to its next evolution phase. With a clear vision of a decentralized future, the company is committed to expanding its reach, collaborating with more blockchain networks, and offering innovative solutions enabling its clients in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

To learn more about P2P and their open roles, visit their page on intropia.

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities