Hired in 10 days: Binaryx Success Story
Hired in 10 days: Binaryx Success Story


Feb 16, 2023

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Hired in 10 days: Binaryx Success Story

Revolutionizing the talent search

Is it feasible to locate the ideal HR for a web3 project in just 10 days? Absolutely!

A robust HR team is crucial for running a thriving business, particularly in the dynamic and rapidly changing world of web3. As the blockchain sector grows, companies must ensure they have the appropriate HR support to attract and retain top talent. But how long does it typically take a company to find the talent they're seeking? This is the starting point of our success story, a tale of determination and achievement.

Setting a new recruitment standard at Binaryx

Binaryx is an expanding web3 company developing solutions for a decentralized future. They required an HR professional to join their team and assist with their growing recruitment demands. The challenge was their lack of expertise and knowledge of web3 to find the perfect candidate. Time was of the essence, and finding the right match was critical to their success.

Undeterred by the challenge, the Binaryx team sprang into action. They searched LinkedIn and other professional networks for potential candidates with the necessary skills and experience. Additionally, they utilized job boards, social media platforms, and web3 communities to reach as many candidates as possible.

Binaryx was inundated with hundreds of resumes and job applications in just a few days. However, none of the applicants possessed the right blend of skills, experience, and passion for the company and the web3 industry.

Choosing the right path: teaming up with intropia

Binaryx turned to intropia, a web3-native talent platform specializing in referral recruitment and employer branding, for a solution. Binaryx completed the onboarding process within a day, providing intropia with all the essential information about the job offer, candidate requirements, and the company itself.

intropia wasted no time and launched a referral campaign, promoting Binaryx's job offer in several partner communities and across multiple social media channels.

In just a few days after launching the referral campaign, intropia had received sixteen applications and narrowed it down to three top candidates. By day 7, Binaryx struck gold: they discovered the ideal HR expert with extensive web3 experience and a passion for fostering team growth and success.

The selected candidate was hired immediately, and the entire process, from posting the job to onboarding the new employee, took a mere 10 days. The HR professional has since successfully completed the probationary period and is now a valuable contributor to Binaryx's team, propelling the company forward.

Unlocking the Potential of Referral Recruitment

“We were in dire need of an HR professional at Binaryx. However, finding someone who understands the unique requirements of a web3 company proved to be a challenge. That's when we turned to intropia, and they exceeded our expectations.

Within days, we had a list of suitable candidates. After a brief round of interviews, we found our ideal match and onboarded her in just 10 days!

Our new HR superstar has been a game-changer for our company. She hit the ground running and has been instrumental in driving our growth and success. Her web3 experience and enthusiasm were impressive, and we knew immediately that she was the right fit for our team.

The entire process was seamless, efficient, and stress-free. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Intropia for making our HR dreams a reality!” — stated Dima Lizanets, co-founder of Binaryx Protocol.

Discovering the perfect talent match in the web3 era

Finding the right team member in web3 can be daunting, but with the assistance of a talent platform like intropia, it doesn't have to be. intropia possesses the expertise and skillset to locate the perfect candidate in just a few days, saving companies valuable time, money, and effort.

Binaryx successfully found their ideal HR professional in just 10 days, without any wasted resources or time, and everyone is pleased with the result. The company can now concentrate on its primary mission of developing innovative solutions for a decentralized future, knowing it has the right HR support to achieve its objectives. If you value your time and effort, it's time to explore the benefits of web3 recruitment with the intropia team!

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities