Introducing intropia's Telegram Bot — Your Latest Web3 Career Ally
Introducing intropia's Telegram Bot — Your Latest Web3 Career Ally


Dec 19, 2022

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Introducing intropia's Telegram bot — your latest Web3 career ally

Bid Farewell to Incessant Job Hunting, Welcome Personal Opportunities Stream

Stay current with all the freshest Web3 opportunities, occasions, and news with intropia’s telegram bot.

intropia is the first web3 project to utilise the newest telegram feature — native web3 apps

Fatigued from the endless hours hunting online for the ideal web3 job? Those times are now past.

Presenting intropia's Telegram Bot — your comprehensive resource for identifying job opportunities and keeping up-to-date with all the recent industry happenings.

With this companion by your side, you’ll have the ability to personalize your preferences and get alerted instantly when a job that aligns with your abilities becomes available.

On intropia, we use the term “dynasties” to refer to skillsets or areas of expertise.

Not actively pursuing an opportunity? Simply opt for 'weekly updates' to receive a curated list of all the prime opportunities every Monday without the interruption of notifications throughout the week.

In the upcoming version, you'll be able to apply for opportunities and events with a single click and keep track of all your application statuses.

Eager to begin leveraging all these incredible features? Click here to configure the Telegram Bot and commence your journey towards career triumph!

Share Job Vacancies and Earn Rewards for Successful Referrals

Our Telegram Bot is not just a godsend for your job hunt, but it also allows you the chance to aid your network while propelling your own career.

Share job vacancies with your contacts and earn rewards for successful referrals.

Earning while assisting your proficient friends secure positions in your favorite web3 projects? It may seem like a fantasy, but just give it a whirl.

Ready to start sharing job vacancies and earning rewards? Click here to configure the Telegram Bot today.

Link Your Wallet, Apply with a Single Click, and Monitor Your Applications

In the future, we've got even more enticing features heading your way.

You'll be able to link your wallet/account on the intropia app, apply to jobs and events with a single click, and share & earn in one motion.

Furthermore, you can track the status of all your applications and referrals.

Stay tuned for updates, and don’t forget to configure the Telegram Bot today to start making the most of all these incredible features.

Be the pioneer in trying all the new features coming to the Telegram Bot — click here to get it set up immediately.

About Intropia

Intropia is a Web3-native talent platform where employers can post job vacancies and offer rewards for successful hires. Intropia propagates these opportunities to a wide pool of potential candidates through its community and network of associates.

With over 600+ full-time jobs and bounties from more than 140 top-tier organizations, Intropia is the perfect platform for Web3 professionals looking to progress their careers and earn rewards for referring friends and followers.

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Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities