intropia collaborates with Emulai to boost the onboarding process of Web3 contributors
intropia collaborates with Emulai to boost the onboarding process of Web3 contributors


Aug 29, 2022


intropia partners with Emulai to boost the onboarding process of Web3 contributors

The Web3 contributor network, intropia, partners with Emulai, the renowned blockchain data analytics and indexing platform, to foster improved acquisition, onboarding, and opportunity matching of contributors. This is accomplished by leveraging on-chain credentials and wallet activities spanning 204 million addresses.

With its transparent and public ledgers, Web3 offers a dependable traceability for blockchain activities, establishing a historical record for all wallet entities. This information aids Web3 service providers in profiling and identifying wallet addresses based on on-chain activities and interactions, such as DAO voting participation.

As a platform rooted in Web3 for community recruitment, intropia will collaborate with Emulai to scrutinize on-chain data, to formulate contributor profiles that delineate their level or variety of contribution to Web3. This approach aims to connect with and bolster a more targeted cadre of Web3 builders.

The partnership has already spawned its inaugural use case: Emulai has indexed and scrutinized 204 million addresses, including every transaction across over 15 million blocks, to single out DAO voters and/or smart contract initiators within the last five years. This categorization is a requirement for attaining the Innovator OAT (on-chain achievement token) — one of the three compulsory OATs to collect in the "NFT You Can't Buy" campaign to mint free intropia Genesis NFTs.

Looking towards the mid and distant future, both teams will collaborate on crafting more applications centered on user onboarding and evaluation. This will allow Web3 contributors to showcase their experience and contributions simply by linking their wallet.

Alongside the technical collaboration, intropia will also play a crucial part in shaping Emulai's recruitment strategy by showcasing Emulai's organization profile and its opportunities for Web3 contributors on the Quest Board, as well as advertising them within the intropia contributor network and community.

About intropia

intropia is steadfast on its mission to align contributors with the most invigorating Web3 opportunities by syncing incentives and endorsing co-ownership and co-operation by contributors from inception.

The intropia Quest Board now enables contributors to peruse organization profiles and apply to over 160 enticing opportunities from more than 75 leading organizations in Web3. The array of opportunities spans across grants, bounties, hackathons, and full-time roles from a varied selection of organizations such as Alchemy, Algorand, Balancer, Binance, Chainlink, ConsenSys, Ethereum Foundation, Filecoin, GitCoin, Lens, Maker, NEAR, SSV Network, Starkware, The Graph, Zerion, zkSync, and many more.

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About Emulai

Emulai indexes all blockchain data in real-time, obtaining unique insights into the financial activities of every wallet in existence. This ability allows them to provide businesses with comprehensive data APIs and the first-ever permissionless Copytrading. With Emulai's copytrading feature, retail users can scan millions of wallets and automatically mimic the trades of the most successful among them.

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities