Intropia’s Web3 Talent Report: Unveiling the Future of Work and Web3
Intropia’s Web3 Talent Report: Unveiling the Future of Work and Web3


Apr 10, 2023

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Intropia’s Web3 Talent Report: Unveiling the Future of Work and Web3

With the constant expansion of the Web3 ecosystem, shaking up conventional sectors, it becomes imperative to understand the workforce spearheading this change.

The Web3 Talent Report delivers critical insights for anyone looking to participate or invest in Web3, shedding light on questions such as:

  • What is the expertise and background of Web3 professionals?

  • How do they identify new prospects in their field?

  • What are their professional ambitions and their desired work environments?

The content structure of the Web3 Talent Report

The content structure of the Web3 Talent Report

Through scrutinizing these crucial elements, our goal is to aid businesses, investors, and professionals to better chart their course through the burgeoning Web3 environment.

At intropia, our continuous endeavor is to grasp the ever-transforming terrain of the Web3 ecosystem and its implications on professionals and their career paths. We recently carried out a comprehensive survey involving over 1,500 Web3 professionals to gain a deeper understanding of their backgrounds, inclinations, and ambitions.

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Web3 Talent Report, presenting valuable insights for entrepreneurs, operators, and investors seeking to understand the Web3 workforce.

Key revelations from the report

  1. The typical Web3 contributor is diverse, seasoned, and willing to impart their knowledge. They often undertake various roles and responsibilities, with a significant emphasis on innovation and the brand's mission.

  2. Web3 experts often discover new projects through recommendations and community connections, underscoring the value of recruitment platforms powered by the community.

  3. A majority of Web3 experts have earlier engagements with Ethereum, Layer 2 solutions, and DeFi, illustrating an increasing attraction towards Layer 2 strategies, GameFi, and SocialFi.

  4. Web3 specialists favor compensation in the form of native tokens or stablecoins, demonstrating their readiness to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their daily routines.

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These are just a handful of highlights from the all-encompassing Web3 Talent Report, which paints a detailed picture of Web3 contributors and provides invaluable data for those aiming to work with, employ, or invest in Web3 talent.

“The Web3 Talent Report presents an exclusive and in-depth view of the workforce molding the future of the Web3 ecosystem,” said Max Uper, Founder of intropia. “We believe that comprehending the aspirations and preferences of these skilled professionals is critical for businesses and investors looking to chart a course through this rapidly evolving landscape. Our mission is to help cultivate a dynamic ecosystem where professionals and organizations can flourish.”

Discover further insights and download the complete report.

Join the conversation and disseminate the Web3 Talent Report within your network to raise awareness of the shifting work landscape within the blockchain industry.

Together, we have the potential to shape the future of Web3 and forge exciting new avenues for professionals and organizations alike.

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At intropia, our commitment is to transform the way professionals learn, connect, and uncover opportunities in Web3 and beyond.

As a cutting-edge talent platform, our emphasis lies in harnessing the strength of community and connections to foster a dynamic ecosystem where professionals and organizations can prosper.

By offering crucial insights and nurturing meaningful relationships, intropia strives to facilitate the growth and success of the Web3 community.

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities