LobsterDAO and intropia Partnership: A New Dawn for the Contributor Economy!
LobsterDAO and intropia Partnership: A New Dawn for the Contributor Economy!


Dec 23, 2022


LobsterDAO and intropia Partnership: A New Dawn for the Contributor Economy!

The alliance between LobsterDAO and intropia is now a fact! An overwhelming 99.47% of you endorsed this. Here is the Partnership Proposal by intropia that had such a positive response from Lobsters. That one solitary sea creature didn't stand a chance! 

It’s a YAY.

Welcome to the fam!

Our team is exhilarated to acknowledge and assist the LobsterDAO community as an integral part of the intropia ecosystem. We discern immense potential in the LobsterDAO and intropia collaboration.

Thanks to community-led referral recruitment, intropia's foremost objective on the roadmap is to guarantee the speed and quality of talent sourcing in Web3.

It's a beneficial scenario for all when talents land their dream jobs and communities (like Lobsters) earn rewards for their referrals!

What's in it for LobsterDAO?

  1. 20 Genesis NFTs to LobsterDAO's Treasury: beta access to the platform, exclusive offers, airdrops and influence over the future of intropia DAO.

  2. Whitelist for the 'Contributor' and 'Explorer' OAT. You're just one OAT short of minting Genesis NFT for free.

There are 9 OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens). OATs are essentially NFTs that serve as a badge of honor, conceived as rewards for contributing to the intropia community or Web3 at large.

  1. Priority onboarding for Lobster founders: Organizations can list and share on the intropia platform!

Simply get in touch with our team to list your organization on intropia and start assembling your dream team.

  1. Weekly curation of job opportunities for the LobsterDAO community via LobsterHR. LobsterDAO will earn referral fees of $3–30K for each successful hire.

  2. Lobster NFTs will be showcased as on-chain credentials on profiles at intropia and other integrations. Flaunt your Lobster NFT on intropia!

Get Involved

  1. Hop on the intropia Discord: say hello and discover more on how to claim your Contributor OAT and Explorer OAT in dedicated channels.

  2. You're nearly there! Earn 1 more OAT and you'll qualify for Genesis NFT Mint!

  • Claim Innovator OAT for voting in the most prominent DAOs or deploying smart contracts on Ethereum in the past 3 years.

  • Claim Adviser OAT for offering valuable feedback on intropia's product or community (30 min).

  1. After you claim your OAT, grab your free Genesis NFT, an ultimate pass to the exclusive community and special features of intropia's platform. Soon, you'll get the opportunity to join the exclusive founding community of Genesis NFT holders, who will shape the future of intropia DAO!

(Note: As of now, the Genesis NFT campaign has concluded)

Altogether, we're thrilled to witness the opportunities this partnership will create and how it will enrich both our communities.

We invite the LobsterDAO community to explore our application, follow us on Twitter, and join our Discord for updates. Cheers!

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities