How to Monetize Your Network with intropia. A step-by-step guide for communities & web3 contributors
How to Monetize Your Network with intropia. A step-by-step guide for communities & web3 contributors


Mar 21, 2023


Monetizing your Web3 network with Intropia: a step-by-step guide

The strength of community and connections is the bedrock of Web3.

We are encircled by networks, both within the metaverse and in our tangible world.

Establishing a connection with the right individual can open a portal to a plethora of impactful opportunities: you can support your gifted friends to outperform their regular occupation, transform your distinctive projects into skyrocketing ventures, contribute significantly to the Web3 ecosystem, and... receive substantial rewards for it!

All of these (and more!) are attainable with Introduce & Earn — a distinctive chance to accumulate crypto by referring your friends and followers to job opportunities on intropia.

So, who's invited, and how can you begin? Find your answers below...

Monetize your network — regardless of who you are

Introduce & Earn is the premier method to receive ample rewards, and also...

  • for communities, to deliver added value to your community members

No matter your position, Introduce & Earn could revolutionize the way you capitalize on your network in a mutually beneficial manner!

"What do I need to do?" — Follow this straightforward step-by-step guide:

  • Browse through all the available Introduce & Earn opportunities here

View our quick one-minute demonstration on setting up your referral dashboard!

Know the perfect candidate for the job? Here's your roadmap to a successful introduction:

  • Ensure they meet the job prerequisites

"Great! What's next?" — You can sit back, while we...

  • We cross-verify your introductions first

Once all these steps are fulfilled, you're all set to claim your valuable reward!

"How to claim a referral reward?"

  • Check your referral dashboard — you'll receive a status update there once the reward is ready to claim

The payoff is substantial: successful hires could yield anywhere from $3K to $10K+.

Leverage your contacts and create a significant impact in Web3!

Introduce & Earn is the most convenient way to capitalize on your connections. No special skills are needed — link unique projects with suitable individuals and create a significant impact in Web3.

Eager to unleash potential and reap rewards? Browse through all the referral job opportunities here & introduce your skilled friends today! Don't let this chance slip away!

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Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities