Jul 19, 2023

product updates

Product updates, 17 Jul ‘23

Widget Wonderland

for professionals/introducers

Wow, brace yourselves for our improved homepage which now features an array of widgets for enhanced user experience. We're talking about featured jobs, top organizations, vacancies with rewards, and dynastic groupings! This is a pretty cool way of exposing the possibilities to our users, isn't it?

intropia jobs widgets

Spotlight on Search

for professionals

And here's the big reveal – our search functionality has been upgraded and is now the central element of our homepage! We've optimized our algorithms, improved our prompts, and brought them to the forefront so you can find the perfect match in an instant. Wow, isn't that exciting?

web3 jobs search

Your Profile, Your Intropia

for professionals/introducers

Hold your breath, because your profile just became your very own Intropia! We're stepping up our game with personalized search results. Starting now, you'll see quick access to your profile opportunities right from the homepage - like applications and the referral dashboard. Talk about a cool upgrade, huh?

web3 profile

We're eager to hear your feedback on this update. Don't hesitate to mention us on Twitter @intropia or email us at We're all ears!

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities