Feb 21, 2023

product updates

Take your seat: intropia platform is live!

Hi, Intropians!

Following a rigorous period of commitment and ceaseless toiling, the intropia platform has finally made its grand debut! This has indeed been a thrilling adventure, and today we bring you the most meaningful update ever!

So, what is intropia, what led us to bring it into existence, and how might you derive advantage from it?

Let’s delve a bit deeper into it.

Back to our roots

We inhabit a world swirling with incessant turbulence.

Modern technologies become obsolete before one could even realize it. A single application can overturn entire industries in an instant. Fads vanish in the blink of an eye, to be supplanted by the newest sensation.

In this whirlpool of disorder, what deserves our attention? What cannot be replaced and holds invaluable importance? We arrived at a singular conclusion: It is the talented, steadfast, and benevolent individuals who make everything conceivable.

Like any other collective, we have experienced the struggle of recruiting the ideal individuals — the uncertainty, fatigue, and eventual disillusionment that ensues.

That's what prompted us to seize control and alter conventional methods. Thus, intropia was conceived!

Introducing intropia

intropia's purpose is to reimagine the way professionals encounter opportunities and forge connections with one another.

We have recently launched a community-driven web3 recruitment platform that forges a beneficial ecosystem for talent, organizations, and introducers.

For professionals, intropia serves as the ideal gateway to begin the quest for the upcoming major opportunity in the Web3 domain.

Establish a profile and assemble a personalized feed of job prospects that align with your skills and experience. Apply for opportunities with single-click applications and keep tabs on your applications' progression.

web3 and web2 methods of authorization available

after the sign-up, time to set up the profile

the most convenient way to apply is with one-click

in the profile, professionals can track their application process

Startups can rely on intropia to swiftly and effortlessly discover and recruit the best Web3 talent. Companies can construct organization profiles to effectively publicize their brand and disseminate job bounties, grants, and hackathons to contributors.

But the potential extends beyond this.

Recruiting exceptional Web3 talent is now as simple as posting a job:

  • decide on a reward for a successful hire and

  • anticipate a multitude of relevant candidates...

  • sourced by our referral collaborators...

  • from every concealed corner of Web3!

Interested in hiring with intropia? Shoot us a DM on Telegram or schedule a discovery call!

One Introduction can make the difference

Henceforth, anyone can transform into an Introducer and unlock exceptional rewards by introducing their acquaintances to splendid jobs.

Experience the potency of intropia’s referral recruitment system:

  • craft a referral profile (for yourself or your community)

  • share jobs

  • and monitor your progress in an effective dashboard

  • with detailed stats for each disseminated vacancy!

effortlessly track the progress of your introductions in your profile

At intropia, we are firm believers in the transformative potential of talented individuals. Our hope is to offer people the chance to land their dream job and enable them to actualize their maximum potential.

So, if you are on the hunt for your next career shift, or wish to explore the opportunities that lie ahead, allow intropia to navigate your journey.

Set up your profile and join us as we embark on our initial strides into the future of web3 recruitment!

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities