The Future of Work: why you should be looking to Web3
The Future of Work: why you should be looking to Web3


Apr 6, 2023


The Future of Work: why you should be looking to Web3

Web3 is the future of work. Despite the looming specter of a bear market or crypto winter, our faith remains unshaken that Web3 will prevail and continue to unlock an abundance of prospects in the job market.

Whether your aspirations lie in securing a full-time role within a Web3 entity, seeking several part-time positions that offer greater adaptability and work variety, considering growth as a DAO contributor, or being a bounty hunter compensated per task, Web3 presents all of these possibilities.

A World of Opportunities

Web3, as a worldwide industry, presents numerous appealing aspects for contributors. One of the most compelling attractions is the opportunity to collaborate with intellectually stimulating individuals who possess similar values - they are forward-looking, innovative, and always prepared to confront a new challenge. This sentiment was echoed by 20% of contributors during our Web3 Contributor Survey ‘22.

Personal freedom, mobility, and the option to work from any location are other significant aspects favoring work in Web3. Your opportunities are no longer restricted by geographical boundaries. Many individuals in this industry globetrot and work from wherever they might be at any given moment. As long as you have internet access, you can work. More often than not, you can set your own hours that best accommodate your schedule. As long as the work is accomplished, the timing doesn't matter.

Web3 has also fundamentally transformed the Creator economy. Musicians, Artists, Writers, and others now have more control over their brand, content, and how it's monetized. That's the essence of this "read/write/own" version of the internet.

Web3 is a sector driven by its participants who take on a myriad of roles and responsibilities, including being an employee, contributor, investor, and trader. They typically spend about 10 hours a day conducting research and working. Most are driven by a mission, working on 1–3 projects, with DeFi, NFTs, and L1-L2 being their primary interests. Most Web3 professionals are part-timers, with over 80% working up to 48 hours per week. These individuals are truly Web3 superheroes who manage their time effectively.

Money, money, money in the rich Web3 world

Web3 is a lucrative industry, offering high-paying roles for individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Entry-level smart contract developers can earn up to $120k/year, twice the average salary of their Web2 counterparts. Even non-technical roles, such as product managers, can earn up to $112k/year in Web3, as opposed to $75k/year in Web2. According to a recent survey by intropia, the majority of Web3 professionals earn an average monthly income between $3,000 and $8,000, and about 10% earn over $10,000 per month. While these numbers vary based on skills, experience, and role, it's clear that Web3 offers considerable earning potential for those willing to dive in.


Where to Begin Your Job Hunt?

We've discussed the perks and the potential income, now let's explore finding these opportunities and getting started.

intropia is an excellent place to begin, being the first community-powered Web3 talent platform that fosters a positive-sum ecosystem and benefits talent, organizations, and communities!

For professionals, intropia is an ideal platform to find their dream job & other opportunities. Currently, there are 856 job offers from industry-leading web3 projects, ranging from innovative startups like CyberConnect to established corporations like Coinbase, all awaiting their shining stars.

You can effortlessly apply to job offers with a single click, link your relevant social media & attach a resume or a portfolio to your profile, and enjoy a customized feed of job opportunities suited to your needs, experiences, and skills. Job seekers can also track their application status step-by-step in a user-friendly dashboard.


intropia is the perfect comprehensive solution for all aspects of the Web3 job market. Web3 projects can rely on intropia to quickly and easily find and hire the rarest Web3 talent.

And for everyone else, from a social DAO operator to a freelance recruiter, intropia is the ultimate way to earn generous rewards for helping their connections land the perfect job!

Participating in a Web3 community and/or DAO can be an excellent way to begin your journey into the space. By aligning yourself with a community whose mission resonates with you, you can learn more about the space while working towards a shared objective that is meaningful to you. There are also opportunities to become a contributor within a DAO and earn money. In fact, you could potentially contribute to multiple DAOs, collecting income from all of them.

This leads us to CharmVerse, a global collaboration and coordination platform where many Web3 communities conduct their operations.

CharmVerse: Streamlined Task Coordination & Crypto Rewards

CharmVerse simplifies member management, task coordination, and decision-making, while also offering Web3 capabilities such as crypto payments and role-based access.

CharmVerse makes it easy to attach crypto payments to tasks that will then appear on the community Bounty Board. Members can see what tasks need to be completed within the community, apply for the corresponding bounty, and then get paid upon completing the task. Earlier, we mentioned bounty hunters who are looking to get paid on a task-by-task basis. This is another fantastic application of the CharmVerse Bounty Board. If the board is made public, bounty hunters can be directed to the board to apply for tasks and be paid upon completion.

And remember those musicians, artists, writers, etc, we mentioned earlier? CharmVerse is a prime platform where Creators can establish their brand, grant access to exclusive content, engage their audience, and generate income through NFT subscriptions. Upon starting a new CharmVerse space, the user can choose from various templates to help communities launch quickly. Currently, there are templates for:

If you are developing a new Web3 community, are part of an existing community, or are looking to establish your brand, CharmVerse should be your go-to platform for operations.

Whether as a full-time career, a side gig, or part-time at various organizations, Web3 offers a multidimensional approach where you can forge your own path and design your work schedule.

Web3 is Awaiting You

Transitioning to a new industry, particularly one with its unique lexicon and unfamiliar concepts, can indeed be overwhelming. However, once you take the plunge into the world of Web3, you'll find it's not so intimidating.

Platforms like CharmVerse and intropia are here to assist you in your initiation, help you find a community, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. So take the leap, and explore all the possibilities awaiting you in Web3.

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities