Top 10 Must-Read Web3 Resources You Absolutely Can't Miss
Top 10 Must-Read Web3 Resources You Absolutely Can't Miss


Jan 26, 2022

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Top 10 Must-Read Web3 Resources You Absolutely Can't Miss

If you've already ventured into the world of web3...

...You might have noticed that there's an overwhelming amount of content on the topic. Amidst this vast sea of information, it's quite challenging to find articles or guides that provide truly unique and valuable insights.

To save you from sifting through numerous resources only to be left disappointed, we've done the work for you. Sometimes, just three well-chosen reads can offer more value than thirty mediocre articles.

Here are ten essential pieces on crypto, DeFi, and Web3 that are worth every second of your attention.

Skip the endless searching and tired eyes. Uncover the powerful currents driving Web3, the reasons behind its momentum, and what inspires its most influential contributors to boldly venture into uncharted territory.

Individuals are leaving secure, high-paying jobs to work on something that's not even clearly defined. What makes this emerging landscape worth the risk?

To identify the underlying theme, we'll first examine the personal stories of some of Web3's most notable figures and then zoom out to grasp the broader ecosystem from a bird's eye perspective.

From DeFi, which has forever changed our connection to money, to DAOs – the new governance model promoting active citizenship and participation. Sit back and savor these enlightening perspectives.

Best of luck on this exciting and intriguing journey. Let's dive in.

#1. You might wonder: "What is Web3? Why should I transition from Web2 to Web3? What's the purpose of making this change?"

These compelling stories will help address these crucial questions.

Leaving Tech for Crypto: Why to Move into Web3

The first part highlights the significance of crypto in addressing unresolved issues, fostering continuous learning, and promoting a fun, community-driven atmosphere that brings humanity back to technology.

Leaving Tech for Crypto Pt II How to Move into Web3

This second installment in the three-part series delves into the practicalities of entering the blockchain domain. Discover the most effective ways to learn about crypto, explained through eight straightforward principles.

Leaving Tech for Crypto: Pt III Where to Work in Web3

The third segment of this series offers a comprehensive overview of the Web3 market landscape, highlighting and briefly discussing the fundamental elements of blockchain networks, including Layer 1 protocols, Layer 2 solutions, DAOs, Centralized Exchanges (CEX), Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), Crypto Wallets, NFT Marketplaces and Collections, Metaverse and Gaming, Educational Resources, Core Infrastructure, main investors, and much more.

#2. I’m Quitting Web2 (And So Should You) by rafa0

In this piece, Rafa shares his personal foray into the world of Web3, exploring the bold new realm and the economic shifts currently underway. His candid and motivational insights cover:

  • How the author identified areas for improvement in his life and career

  • His transformation from an employee to a "free agent" (his term for his newfound status)

  • His understanding of discovering one's true craft

  • His vision for the future and anticipated changes in Web3

#3. How to Get Into Crypto and Web3 as a Developer, by Nader Dabit

This article offers valuable information on:

  • Technologies and learning resources

  • Trade-offs and factors to consider

  • Influential people to follow

  • Companies hiring and working on intriguing projects

  • General advice for securing a job in the field

#4. "How to DeFi" by CoinGecko

The remarkable growth of the crypto industry can largely be attributed to the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), which encompasses decentralized crypto-banks, exchanges, platforms, and more.

The definitive guide on this topic is "How to DeFi" by CoinGecko. They offer two editions – one tailored for beginners and another advanced version that delves into more complex subjects.

Don't be the person who procrastinates on reading, even when you know it's incredibly beneficial. Make sure to read this comprehensive guide.

#5. Crypto Theses for 2023 by Messari

Once you have a basic understanding of the crypto landscape, it's time to examine the developments of 2022 and the anticipated trends and breakthroughs in 2023.

Every Messari report is eagerly awaited by the entire industry. This extensive report is packed with valuable insights from the brightest minds in the field. It's unquestionably worth the time and effort to read.

The subsequent guides focus on DAOs. What are they? Why is everyone talking about them? How is it possible that DAOs operate without traditional concepts such as "job," "salary," "employer," or "employee"? DAOs are founded on the principles of community-driven collaboration and democratic consensus across all aspects of decision-making.

The following resources explore the unparalleled freedom and opportunities that DAOs offer. Get to know how DAOs function, determine if your project requires a DAO, and if so, learn how to create one.

#6. DAOs, A Canon by Sonal Chokshi, Zoran Basich, and Guy Wuollet from a16z

This renowned guide comes from the esteemed team at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a top-tier venture capital fund with early investments in tech giants like Facebook and Twitter, as well as prominent crypto projects such as Coinbase, Uniswap, and Compound, among others.

This guide features essential and up-to-date information from the brightest minds in the crypto world, including Vitalik Buterin, Chris Dixon, Linda Xie, Cooper Turley, Aragon DAO, and many more thought leaders we greatly admire.

#7. The Ultimate DAO Report by Bankless

Bankless, a prominent figure in the DAO community, has compiled an extensive report that also includes links to a highly comprehensive and easy-to-understand presentation titled "DAOs – The New Coordination Frontier."

Feeling confident and ready to explore the Web3 universe? Check out some of our top picks for practical guides:

#8. Crypto Startup School Course by a16z

This invaluable and absolutely free course from a16z's Crypto Startup School was held in Spring 2020 and is now available on-demand. The course consists of 14 videos designed to help you understand how to develop your own crypto project. Enrolling in this course could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

#9. How to Build community in web3, by Coopahtroopa.eth

In Web3, having a community-building strategy is crucial. This informative Twitter thread offers insights into how to effectively create and nurture a community.

#10. How to Think about Good Governance? by Commonwealth Labs Team

Lastly, we address the crucial topic of governance in Web3 and DAOs in particular. What constitutes effective governance? What criteria should be met for good governance? This concise and focused piece is the perfect way to wrap up this list.

In Conclusion

While this is only a brief overview of the wealth of resources available for Web3, these ten selections will undoubtedly serve you well on your Web3 journey. May the force be with you.

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities