Underpay's Journey to Hiring the Perfect Lead Backend Developer
Underpay's Journey to Hiring the Perfect Lead Backend Developer


Aug 10, 2023

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Underpay's Journey to Hiring the Perfect Lead Backend Developer

How intropians Found the Perfect Lead Backend Developer for Underpay

At intropia, we are dedicated to connecting skilled professionals with innovative companies. Today, we have an inspiring success story from our collaboration with Underpay, a promising fintech startup based in the UK. Underpay aims to revolutionize the payments industry, offering an inclusive UK rewards program with seamless payments, transparent fees, and cost-effective growth, benefiting both customers and stores.

The Challenge: Hiring a CTO for a Fintech Startup

In their pursuit of success, Underpay encountered a significant challenge – finding a Lead Backend Developer with the expertise to serve as their Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This role required not only technical proficiency but also deep knowledge of the UK fintech landscape to navigate regulatory complexities.

The intropia’s Referral Recruitment Model: Introduce-to-Earn

To address this challenge, Underpay utilized intropia’s Introduce-to-Earn feature, leveraging our extensive network of professional recruiters and developer communities.

The result? An impressive 42 referral applications for the coveted Lead Backend Developer position in just one week.

Our internal recruitment team meticulously selected six exceptional candidates, each possessing the perfect blend of technical skills and fintech experience. From this group, two top contenders emerged and were invited for interviews.

The Perfect Fit

The hiring process proceeded seamlessly, and one candidate clearly stood out – a brilliant talent from Turkey. With a decade of fintech industry experience, including three years as a Software Architect specializing in UK payment systems, this candidate possessed precisely what Underpay's vision demanded. Not only were they highly skilled, but their interpersonal abilities also shone brightly, making them an invaluable asset to the team.

The candidate integrated seamlessly into Underpay as a part-time employee, contributing significantly to product development.

Unlocking Success Together

At intropia, we firmly believe that finding the right match between talent and company can lead to transformative outcomes. The introduce-to-Earn model ensures you connect with top-tier professionals who align seamlessly with your vision and culture.

Are you seeking the ideal talent to supercharge your company's growth? Let's connect and explore how we can help you build your dream team of professionals.

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities