WGMI <> intropia Partnership
WGMI <> intropia Partnership


Feb 24, 2023


WGMI <> intropia Partnership

We're excited to announce our collaboration with WGMI, a dynamic hub for web3 community experts. Together, we'll create something exceptional — a space for our communities to exchange knowledge, innovative ideas, and meaningful relationships.

A groundbreaking alliance

As part of this collaboration, we'll provide a weekly roundup of job openings to the WGMI community, and WGMI will receive referral rewards of $3–10K for every successful placement.

Founders and operators within the WGMI community will get priority onboarding for their organizations on the intropia platform.

A promising future

Moving forward, WGMI community badges will be showcased as on-chain credentials on contributor profiles at intropia.

intropia is transforming web3 recruitment

For those new to intropia, we're building a community-driven web3 recruitment platform that fosters a win-win ecosystem for talent, organizations, and communities.

We're beyond thrilled about this alliance between our communities — it's a potent collaboration that opens up endless opportunities for both parties.

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities