intropia: An Overview
intropia: An Overview


Mar 27, 2023

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intropia: An Overview

Break the Endless Cycle of Tedious Job Hunting & Unsatisfactory Hiring

What's the one aspect you cannot envision your existence without?

For countless individuals, the answer is work.

Work is vital for all of us, offering satisfaction and a sense of purpose. However, the contemporary work process is increasingly complex for everyone involved:

  • Job seekers are confronted with a disheartening, draining search filled with repetitive applications.

The process of hiring and job hunting induces stress, diversion, and dissatisfaction to the point it often appears inescapably inevitable.

But what if there was a method to unite everyone involved in the process, from a founder to a contributor, to alleviate their hiring and job-hunting woes? All within a single positive-sum ecosystem, where everyone is compensated according to their needs?

Surprise! Such a solution already exists. Welcome to intropia: a Web3-native hiring platform designed to match...

  • Web3 professionals with the finest jobs & opportunities available

And enable everyone else, from a social DAO operator to a freelance recruiter, to garner substantial rewards for assisting their contacts in finding the perfect job!

Discover how you can assemble your ideal team or locate your dream job with us, how intropia as a platform benefits you irrespective of your role or position, and why referral recruitment is the ultimate recruitment method you'll ever require once you experience it — read on!

Harness the Power of Networks & Communities

The Web3 community revolves around meaningful connections, valuable introductions, and enduring quality relationships.

Job hunting and hiring in Web3 are no different — introductions have been, are, and always will be the prime source of game-changing deals and unparalleled opportunities.

Are you hiring? The finest Web3 talent isn't typically found randomly on job boards. Don't hold your breath for enthusiastic replies to your LinkedIn or Twitter DMs either.

It doesn't imply that those individuals are content with their current job or aren't open to your offer. But they will show more interest in your job if it's shared by their friend or favorite influencer.

Are you job-seeking? No matter how impressive your resume is, it's not always easy to secure a role in a top-tier Web3 company. Or regardless of how many years of relevant experience you possess.

It doesn't mean you should compromise with a mundane, uninspiring job instead of joining the team of your dreams. You have a higher chance of securing a job if a friend or colleague introduces you to the employer.

It's always been known that introductions are the best source of life-altering opportunities and game-changing talent. Yet, there was no unified platform to harness this undeniable power for everyone to benefit.

We decided to alter this and built a product that magnetically attracts talent and effortlessly connects them with thousands of industry-leading employers through the power of referral recruitment.

Directly Source Talent from Communities and Personal Networks

Our unique approach decentralizes talent sourcing by utilizing the network of referral partners — introducers.

Introduce & Earn module enables anyone to become a recruiter: sharing jobs with their network and earning substantial rewards for successful referrals.

This is the paramount way to recruit in Web3 — but don't just trust our word for it. Let the data do the talking.

84% of all recruiters confirm that referrals are the top talent acquisition source.

Last year, we conducted a Web3 Contributors Survey with 6000+ participants across different Web3 ecosystems and roles and discovered that 22% of all surveyed contributors secured their last Web3 job thanks to their friends' recommendations (which is 4 and 5 times higher compared to Job Boards and LinkedIn respectively).

As you can see, referral recruitment genuinely works — but how can Web3 organizations capitalize on it?

Whether you're a startup or own a well-established enterprise, intropia is your ultimate recruitment tool to hire the industry's rarest talent:

  • Source from every concealed corner of Web3. One job posting on our platform = infinite opportunities. Your job offer is disseminated across Web3: individual KOL accounts, exclusive communities of the most skilled professionals, education providers, and multimillion-user media.

Post your job offer, set a reward for the successful hire (no pre-payment needed!), get your job shared & distributed across Web3 by introducers & through our partners, and manage all applications & processes in one potent, user-friendly dashboard.

Check job applications in an extraordinarily user-friendly dashboard

Review applications in great detail: resume, cover letter, all the relevant social media all in one place

For more in-depth tutorials & reasons why referral recruitment is the best recruitment method you'll ever need once you try it — all in our latest article here!

Who can be an introducer & what are the advantages of becoming one?

Anyone can be an introducer at intropia. Because the best 'recruiters' are not always recruiters.

No matter who you are, Introduce & Earn is your ultimate method to earn substantial rewards, but also…

  • for communities to deliver more value to your community members

Check all the open Introduce & Earn opportunities here, set up your account first here and referral dashboard next (personal or for your community), then copy & share your unique apply link in DMs or post it on your socials!

You can create either an account for yourself or for your community. Or have both!

Effortlessly check how many people viewed and applied to the offer using your link

Delve into the process of Introduce & Earn, and get detailed tutorials here in our latest article here!

If you're on the other side of the process, grappling with tiresome job-seeking…

intropia is what you need to break that relentless cycle.

  • Connect with thousands of remarkable projects & industry-leading employers

Create your profile here, add your skills & CV, and connect all your relevant social profiles. Put yourself out there & apply for your dream career in Web3 now!

All the personal details that recruiters might ask you already gathered in one place

Specify your expected monthly salary, add a cover letter and a resume!

Time to Join the Recruitment Revolution

intropia is a platform built by and for Web3 contributors.

  • To create your organizational profile and learn more about how we can assist you in building (or scaling!) your unicorn, schedule a free call with our team or complete this form.

  • Ready to monetize your network? Check out all the referral jobs here & introduce your talented friends now!

  • Your next significant career move awaits — create your profile here & apply to amazing opportunities in one click!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities