intropia — the ultimate web3 recruitment platform
intropia — the ultimate web3 recruitment platform


Mar 16, 2023

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intropia — the ultimate web3 recruitment platform

What makes Web3 recruitment so complex?

Recruitment has always been a tough process, and even in a bear market, it remains challenging.

Over the past decade, we've collaborated with numerous crypto founders and DAO administrators. Time and again, we've witnessed the same pattern in various teams and initiatives:

  • Urgent deadlines necessitate that projects continue, so you compromise with candidates who aren't an ideal fit. Despite the growing demand for top-tier talent, it's difficult to find appropriate candidates swiftly enough.

  • Searching for candidates is time-consuming and ineffective. Even if you could advertise your job opening on countless job boards, you'd still only be reaching active candidates, missing over 80% of potential talent.

  • Prospective employees drop out of your hiring funnel. They ignore interview requests, neglect to conduct research, fail to complete test assignments, or, worse, turn down your offers.

Recruitment isn't merely a "problem." It's a significant pain point. Like any team, we've experienced the difficulty of hiring the right individuals firsthand — the uncertainty, fatigue, and eventual disappointment that comes with it.

Picture a world where…

  • In under two weeks,

  • For every job listing, you receive a selection of high-quality candidates

  • Sourced from every hidden niche of web3,

  • Evaluated by a web3-specialized recruitment team!

So you can concentrate on selecting, rather than pursuing, the right people for your enterprise.

That world already exists, and it's called intropia.

The untapped potential of personal introductions

Web3 thrives on the strength of communities and networks.

Web3 recruitment is no exception — personal introductions have always been, and will continue to be, the best source of significant connections and transformative deals.

Top web3 professionals won't be found on job boards or replying to your LinkedIn messages and Twitter DMs.

However, that doesn't mean they're content with their current position or wouldn't consider your offer if it came from a friend or a trusted influencer.

We recognized this opportunity and created a professional network that fosters meaningful relationships and aligns incentives for businesses, experts, and introducers.

Tap into communities and personal networks for talent sourcing

Referrals are the most effective source of talent acquisition. Don't just take our word for it — 84% of all recruiters agree!

Our innovative approach decentralizes talent sourcing through a network of referral partners, known as introducers.

Introduce & Earn enables anyone to become a recruiter, share jobs within their networks, and earn substantial rewards for successful referrals.

This is the ultimate recruitment method in web3, utilizing a network of reliable nodes, or introduced.

Who can be your introducer?

At Intropia, anyone can be an introducer.

To ensure you always find the perfect candidate, though, we've established partnerships with the largest and most reputable web3 talent hubs, including communities, agencies, media, and recruiters.

Meet your future introducers:

  • Communities & Social DAOs

From private Telegram groups with fewer than 100 members to major players like LobsterDAO & DeveloperDAO.

  • Professional recruiters

Over 80 pre-screened recruiters from around the world are ready to take on your job.

  • Media and Influencers

From exclusive partnerships with prominent crypto media like Cointelegraph to local outlets and influential creators/educators.

  • Experts with particular skill sets

If you're seeking a Move developer, we'll encourage all Move developers in our pool to recommend their friends and colleagues.

  • Your Community

Your community is highly invested in your success, and now you have the ideal tool to reward their contributions and help them capitalize on their connections.

How does it work?

Hiring even the most sought-after talent is as simple as posting a job. We mean it.

  • Post a job, establishing a reward for a successful hire (we suggest setting it between 7.5% and 15%)

  • We inform all our "introducers" about the new job opportunity

  • Your job is disseminated across hundreds of communities, Twitter accounts, and DMs

  • In less than 24 hours, you begin receiving exceptional candidates…

  • meticulously pre-screened and verified by our in-house recruitment team

  • You interview top candidates and make them an offer

  • You pay the reward only when the candidate begins their job

  • The reward might be vested over a 1–3 month period or include a cliff

How quickly can you discover outstanding talent?

Binaryx, an up-and-coming web3 company developing an RWA tokenization protocol, sought an HR Lead to support their team's growth. After failing to find a suitable candidate through job postings and local agencies, they contacted us.

In just one day, we onboarded them and gathered their requirements. We then embarked on our mission: over the course of 10 days, we received more than 20 candidate referrals, conducted four initial interviews, and secured a successful hire.

Does this guarantee you'll fill your job opening in 10 days? No, we can't promise that. Each company, hiring manager, and job is unique, and some require considerably more time.

Moreover, efficient and high-quality recruitment demands a dedicated client representative who thoroughly understands the ideal candidate profile and can offer prompt, detailed feedback on rejected candidates.

Hire with confidence

Once a job offer is posted, you may receive thousands of responses. However, not all are worth your time.

Enjoy a steady stream of only the best-suited candidates, pre-vetted by our web3-specialized recruitment team.

We handle the initial screening, so you don't have to — review the ideal candidates and update their statuses on your dashboard, whether from a desktop or mobile device.

Assess job applications through an incredibly user-friendly dashboard

Examine applications in depth: resumes, cover letters, and all relevant social media, all in one place

Effortlessly enhance your brand

Remember, top candidates aren't simply looking for a "job." They're seeking an exciting challenge, a meaningful mission, and unwavering values. Capitalize on our cutting-edge company profiles, customized HR branding campaigns, and global partner media and community networks to make people eager to work with you.

Join the recruitment revolution

intropia is a platform designed by and for web3 contributors, driven by commitment, innovation, and teamwork. Whether you're a startup founder, DAO operator, or HR professional in a rapidly expanding ecosystem, we understand you.

Access a vast pool of pre-screened candidates through community-powered recruitment, and let us help you find the perfect candidate for your open position in record time.

To create your organizational profile and learn more about how we can help you build (or scale!) your unicorn, schedule a free call with our team or complete this form.

Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities