intropia partners with Opolis to enhance Web3 contributors’ experience
intropia partners with Opolis to enhance Web3 contributors’ experience


Sep 5, 2022


intropia partners with Opolis to enhance Web3 contributors’ experience

The Web3 contributor platform, intropia, has formed a partnership with Opolis, a digital employment cooperative, to augment the variety and quality of services rendered to Web3 contributors. These services extend from opportunity discovery to payroll and benefits management.

Just as the internet has brought about a seismic shift in societal organization, Web3 is poised to redefine our work paradigms.

The prospect of earning income is evolving into a networked and decentralized model, autonomous of mediators, user-focused, and brimming with opportunities that deviate from traditional work norms. However, this could potentially imply that employers might not be strictly bound by standard laws overseeing worker rights, remuneration, and conditions, thus creating a regulatory void prone to exploitation.

Traditional hiring strategies lose their potency in the Web3 environment. Talent isn't confined to LinkedIn profiles anymore, but rather it's dispersed within native Web3 communities on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, at hackathons, and events. This scenario often results in missed matches between suitable jobs and competent talent.

intropia aims to resolve the recruitment challenge through community referrals, effectively bridging organizations and talent in the nascent contributor economy, and nurturing an energetic community in synergy with the most impactful entities in Web3.

Opolis alleviates contributor's issues around payroll and benefits by offering access to payroll processing, healthcare services, and more, whilst advocating for the rights of the self-governed worker.

The partnership between intropia and Opolis is reciprocally advantageous in terms of community expansion and revenue:

  • intropia will act as a referrer for Opolis, promoting Opolis' services for contributors via their Self-Sovereign Worker Coalition program — a digital cooperative endorsing self-governed workers.

  • Opolis will reciprocate by becoming a referrer for intropia, sharing job and professional opportunities from top-tier Web3 organizations, potentially adding up to $20K to their treasury for each successful hire via intropia's Community Recruitment program.

Opolis will also be recognized as an Official Partner for the industry-wide, open-source Web3 Contributor Survey organized by intropia. This survey delves into the behavior and preferences of Web3 contributors when it comes to finding and securing professional opportunities in Web3. Insights drawn from the survey will be shared with the public for the benefit of the Web3 ecosystem and the business community.

With both organizations sharing the mutual objective of enhancing the Web3 contributors' experience and fostering a robust contributor economy, intropia and Opolis will continue to unearth additional synergies to enrich all Web3 stakeholders in the long run.

About intropia

intropia is committed to connecting contributors with the most stimulating Web3 opportunities by aligning incentives and promoting co-ownership and co-operation from the very beginning.

The intropia Quest Board now enables contributors to browse organization profiles and apply to over 200 thrilling opportunities from more than 80 leading organizations in Web3. These comprise grants, bounties, hackathons, and full-time roles from a broad spectrum of organizations like Alchemy, Algorand, Balancer, Binance, Chainlink, ConsenSys, Ethereum Foundation, Filecoin, GitCoin, Lens, Maker, NEAR, SSV Network, Starkware, The Graph, Zerion, zkSync and many more.

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About Opolis

Opolis is a member-owned digital employment cooperative that provides crypto-friendly payroll and high-quality, affordable benefits. Opolis celebrates independence while offering the necessary employee benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, proof of employment, and tax compliance. Membership also entails shared ownership of the cooperative and a share in the network's future profits.

Opolis is designed to empower workers to become self-governed, catering mainly to freelance workers, solopreneurs, DAOists, and independent contractors. The project offers a unique utility: Empowering the self-governed worker and legitimizing employment in the Web3 space.

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Matching talent and opportunities

Matching talent and opportunities